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Allie Gold + Elvis Duran Show React To Jojo Siwa Getting A Boyfriend

JoJo Siwa has a boyfriend! Or at least fans think that JoJo is dating Elliot Brown after “going public” with him on Instagram. The 16 year old start seemingly confirmed her romance with Elliot and her fans (and the Internet) immediately went nuts!

Although the romance is unconfirmed at this time, the internet went crazy over the idea that the 16 year old child star has a boyfriend and the rest of us can’t even get a text back, etc.

Allie Gold from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show chimed in on today’s show to talk about how it feels that she is 26 with no boyfriend, where JoJo Siwa is only 16 with a boyfriend. “She acts like a child. They’re dating a child, even if she is sixteen. I heard that she wears those bows 24/7.”

Allie’s main issue with the relationship is the fact that JoJo is known for acting like a young child, and isn’t your typical 16 year old girl.

Listen to the show's entire breakdown of the relationship below!