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Elvis Duran Surprises Entire Show With A Special Gift

Elvis Duran may be in Santa Fe, New Mexico this week, but that's not stopping him from giving a present to everyone on the morning show.

Tuesday morning, Elvis teases to the morning show that he has a surprise for each of them! What was the surprise? a book by Dale Carnegie titles "How To Win Friends & Influence People." It's "The best book, you should be reading it at least once every two years," explains Elvis to the show. Danielle opened the book up right to page 79 where it explains the importance of your name, something her dad always taught her.

"Times get tough sometimes," Elvis continues, "you get frustrated with things life throws at you. I get it, that means your normal, means you're human. And sometimes it's good to have a go-to or two and this book has always been my go-to. Even though I just finished it, I think I need to go read it again."

You can listen to Elvis' entire explanation behind his gift to the show below!