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Did Elvis Duran Get A Tattoo Of Husband's Name?

Oh my goodness!! Just kidding... Elvis Duran played a prank on the Internet Sunday morning when he posted the photo above on his Instagram.

Elvis posted a photo of an arm with the name 'Alex' tattoo'd on it to insinuate that he got a tattoo of his husband's name. His husband Alex did the on his Instagram but deleted it after realizing that no one read the caption explaining it was a joke.

For reference, this is what Elvis' caption on his "tattoo" photo said: "Sunday Funday. OUCH! way. But loving the response! *** HELLO! NO ONE READS THIS??? ***"

He added the "HELLO! NO ONE READS THIS???" to his caption later in the day after realizing that no one understood it was a joke! "love it!!!," "That's gorgeous," Elvis' followers commented on the photo! He couldn't believe that so many people missed the joke!

Are you someone that reads the captions on a photo or did Elvis get you with this tattoo prank as well?

Photo: Getty