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Producer Sam Reveals If She Still Carries Around "That Photo"

We're going Down In The DMs with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. Our digital segment that has members of the show answering the direct messages you all send us on our Instagram page.

This week, Producer Sam took control of our Instagram. With most questions being about her hair routine and products (lol), there were still some gem questions that I was anxiously awaiting Sam to answer. One of them being a question about 'the picture.'

"I surprise took a picture of my boyfriend when he was lying down naked... and kept it in my wallet." One listener DM'd us asking if Sam still carries the photo around in her wallet. "It did get seen by a couple people accidentally," says Sam after explaining the origin story of the photo. "I have the photo, but I don't carry it around."

You can watch Sam answer even more questions, like her favorite 'Feel Goods' story and the most awkward first date story she has below!