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Straight Nate Receives Big Birthday Surprise

Last week Straight Nate turned 40! He was surprised by Jonas Brothers coming into the studio with pizza and balloons and taking over the show while Elvis Duran was in Santa Fe. Did you think the surprises were done? Definitely not!

Today on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, live on the air, Nate got the biggest surprise of all. While going 'around the room' talking about what everyone is doing this weekend, Gandhi said she had to go get something from the back. While she left to go get it, Elvis had Nate describe it as Gandhi started walking back into the studio with her 'surprise.' What was it? Or shall I say who was it? It was none other than Nate's friend Hes from L.A.! Nate was absolutely speechless. Come to find out his fiancé Heather planned the whole thing. However the surprises didn't stop there. After the show ended we got with Nate and Hes to hear the story of how they met, and some of their adventures together in L.A. when Nate received ANOTHER surprise! Nate's other friend from L.A. Rob appeared behind him, hugging him until Nate realized who it was.

Nate's reaction to all of the surprises was absolutely priceless. It is a moment he will never forget. Watch for yourself below!