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Elvis Duran Show Reveals Who On The Show They Wouldn't Invite To The Party

Elvis Duran doesn't mind calling up the host of a party to ask who is invited, he states on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Thursday, January 23rd. He doesn't think it's that crazy to want to know who is going to be attending the party he is invited to and I don't blame him. Skeery argues that you should be there for the hose. "You're hosting it, I care about you and being there for you," he explains. However Gandhi rebuttals that a lot of the time the host can't really hang out though.

After discussing this for quite a bit, the conversation shifted to who the members of the show would not want invited to their party.... "Everyone on this show, in the room, and their significant others I would be ok with," declares Elvis... However there was one member of the show not in the room right then. That person was Brody....

"Everyone but Elvis was thinking it," says Nate. Skeery continues, "He's going to find something wrong." What happens when Brody comes back into the room to hear the show arguing about his party etiquette? Listen below!