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People Can See You Through The TV And Other Things You Believed As A Kid

What silly thing did you believe as a kid? Today on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, we broke down the crazy things we used to believe when we were younger. Froggy said he believed that the songs he heard on the radio were actually being performed live and that's why you didn't hear the same song in a row. Brody believed the pink powder at the bottom of the cereal box was actually vitamins. Video producer Deanna said her mom told her that the police would come if she turned the light on in the car.

After asking listeners what silly things they believed when they were younger, we got to hear the funniest stories. One listener called in to say her mom told her the music coming from the ice-cream truck actually meant they were out of ice-cream. Another listener commented on Instagram saying, "I used to think people could see me thru the TV. I didn’t like getting dressed in front of the TV." My favorite one was when a listener wrote in saying when a movie said '6 years later' on the screen they thought the movie actually filmed these scenes 6 years after the first part of the movie!

You can listen to all of the show members share their childhood beliefs and our listeners call in below!

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