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Cheap Life Hacks Under $50

Take your dental hygiene routine a step further by flossing

Straight Nate can't get over his new water pick and for only $40, it completely changed his life. In this not-sponsored segment of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Nate brings up a product that completely changed his life. Nate hates flossing and now with this under $50 waterpik from Amazon, he is able to clean his teeth without having to floss. "I look forward to brushing my teeth," Nate says about his experience with the waterpik.

Gandhi brought up a chapstick Danielle brought her back form the Crayola Factory. Gandhi assumed the chapstick was crazy expensive because of how good it was. Turns out it was only $11 and she bought a pack of them! Gandhi also brings up the squatty potty. The foot stool at the bottom of the toilet changed her life by fixing her posture when she went to the bathroom.

Hear all about Elvis Duran's life hacks and the rest of the products the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show are raving about for under $50!

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