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Straight Nate Reveals Show Member Committing Fraud

Straight Nate has a bone to pick with not one but THREE members of the Elvis Duran Show. Andrew, Scotty B. and Engineer Jeff all got in trouble Wednesday, November 6th for using Nate's credit card to buy breakfast one morning.

Every week, Jeff and Nate trade off their cards to buy coffee for each other. However, one morning when Nate gave Jeff his card to use for the order, Jeff went to the other room and asked Scotty B and Andrew what they would also like to eat or drink. Using Nate's card Jeff paid for their requests. On Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Nate confronts the three culprits live on the air. What did they have to say about it? Well Andrew complains that there have been plenty of times he put in a few dollars for Nate's breakfast while never even having anything on the order.

What other arguments do the guys have? Watch above to see the entire show get into the argument above!