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Charlie Puth Plays ‘Friends’ Trivia Against Elvis Duran Morning Show

Charlie Puth hasn't released just one single but THREE over the course of the past few months. "I Warned Myself," "Cheating On You," and "Mother," are all a reflection of Puth's new exciting sound. While doing promotion for his latest release, "Mother," Puth found himself surrounded by Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and then fulfilling the trio by meeting Jennifer Aniston on The Ellen Show. When Ellen brought up the possibility of a 'Friends' reboot, Charlie offered to do "all the new music," and sing a new version of the theme song for the show.

After winning the Gellar Cup, in a Friends Trivia game with Courtney Cox, Charlie Puth went to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show going against show member, Allie Gold. After getting the first two questions wrong, Puth was put in the hot seat. "It wasn't this hard with Courtney," Puth replies after getting a few questions wrong. So who is really deserving of the Gellar Cup? Watch above!