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Selena Gomez Explains Why She Is Hesitant To Go On Tour

Selena Gomez's new single "Lose You To Love Me" is our first look into Selena's untitled third studio album. Selena tells Elvis Duran Monday, October 28th, that the album will be coming out in the beginning of next year although no date has been released yet.

With the release of her new single, Selena's fans the 'selenators,' are trying to figure out if their girl is going on tour anytime soon. "We haven't actually had the full conversation yet," begins Selena, "It's something I really really care about because it's the only real moment I can look at people and to thank them and enjoy what I've done with them and feel safe cause I always feel safe, but I don't know because it was really hard on me. It's a lot of isolation and a lot of work.. that's not what bothered me.. it was more internal." Selena continues saying, "I'm not quite sure, but I know that it's very important to me."

Then when Elvis brought up Louis Tomlinson, saying when he was here he couldn't wait to get on tour and it was what he was looking forward to the most, Selena replied, "I find that guys just love it because they have their buddies, they have their team, I'm just like emotional so I'll just cry in a corner," jokes Selena.

What does this mean for a tour? In so many words, when Selena decides it is time to go on tour we know she is in a good head space and read to take it on. Hopefully it won't be too long though! In the meantime you can watch Selena's full interview with Elvis above and check out her song "Lose You To Love Me," out now!