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Louis Tomlinson Says Touring Solo Is The Moment He's Been Waiting For

Louis Tomlinson is gearing up to release his debut solo album "Walls" January 31st and to start his tour. While we wait though we are pleased to have his latest single We Made It. “The song in general started with the title & concept. It originally started as a message between me and the fans," says Louis about the single. However when it comes to this solo run, Louis is ready for the album to be out and to start his tour.

“When you do the shows you can see in peoples eyes the effect the music has," Louis tells Elvis Duran Friday morning, “It’s a moment I’ve been waiting for for a long time."

Louis' tour will kick off in Spring 2020, his first show at one of his favorite spots - Barcelona on March 9th. From there, Louis will begin his 43-date tour and will head to Europe, Asia, India, Australia, and South America before stopping in the U.S.

"Been waiting for this moment since I started my solo career," Louis tweets, "Can't wait to see you all on tour. There are also a few more dates going up at a later date. Thanks for everything. Here we go!"

Reflecting on his career to Elvis Louis confesses, "One thing I’ve been trying to do, is just take the moment in.”

You can catch Louis' full interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show above and be sure to check out a live performance of his new single "We Made It" below!