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Dr. Oz Explains Why People Are Obsessed With True Crime

We might as well get Dr. Oz a full-time seat on the Elvis Duran Morning Show for how often he's here. As one of Elvis Duran's best friends it is understandable why we have him on the show so much. While today's show started with us comparing avocados to testicles (yes that actually happened) and then talking about CBD and how we should really research the company we're buying those oils and CBD products.

One thing that we talked about today was the seven deadly sins. "Envy is the most interesting," says Dr. Oz, "It is why people go after other people for making mistakes." He also explains how this can be linked to society's obsession with true crime.

You can listen to Elvis Duran's entire conversation with Dr. Oz above and you can also catch Dr. Oz at The Sheraton in Times Square November 9th for his annual Health Expo. The expo is a free event to let people ask health questions in a more intimate setting and more. You can catch more information about the event here.