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Why You Should Check In On Your 'Strong' Friends

Young woman comforting sad female friend

Elvis Duran is here to remind us to check in on our strong friends. Your strong friends are the ones that always seem to have it together. Whether they are taking care of others or just always seem to be plugging and chugging through life... those friends are sometimes the ones that need our attention the most.

"Who in your life needs a call from you right now?," Elvis asks the morning show. "Especially people who take care of other people sometimes, you need to check on them," chimes in Danielle Monaro. Straight Nate adds that his friend and frequent guest on the show Matthew Hussey is great at that. In fact the other day he texted Nate just to check in on him. It's ok to ask for help and to ask friends for a moment of their time to talk. Every body needs that once in awhile and Elvis wants to remind you to do it.

You can listen to the show's entire discussion about this below!