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Is Brunch For A First Date A Deal Breaker? Matthew Hussey Explains

Relationship expert, Matthew Hussey, stopped by the Elvis Duran Show on Wednesday, August 14th to give our listeners advice on their relationships! From ghosting to how to get a guy to notice you want more, Hussey gives us a realistic way to meet a guy and know what signs to look for if you want something more.

One listener called in asking if brunch was good for a first/second date? Here's the backstory: Listener Sarah went on a date with a guy in January and nothing since. He recently told her a week he was going to be in town and planned a date to get brunch. Is this weird? Is having a date for breakfast instead of dinner or drinks strange? Hussey says absolutely not. If anything planning a date that early could mean if it goes well he wants to spend the whole day with you or it means he's actually looking for something meaningful and not to just get you into bed!

Watch Hussey's full explanation above!

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