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13 Creepy Things Girls Do That Guys May Not Know About

Nothing escapes my eye

Yesterday Gandhi read out the creepy things guys do from Reddit, but now it is the ladies turn. Using Reddit and, Gandhi and Elvis Duran and the Morning Show breakdown the 13 things women do that may creep out men.

1.We stalk our crushes (and everyone they've ever known) online.

2.We imagine what out lives together would be like in creepily specific detail.

3.We say our names with his/write our first name with his last name to see if it sounds good together.

4.We find out his astrological sign and then see if we're compatible.

5.We obsessively re-read our text conversations and see if there are any clues he likes us back.

6.Wherever he is, we are too.

7.Talking to significant others like a baby.

8.Ask to share social media passwords or accounts.

9.Take and post pictures of you sleeping.

10.Referring to herself as princess or queen.

11.Have a friend hit on her significant other to see if that person will cheat.

12.Celebrate every anniversary - like happy one week.

13.Immediately talking about your future children.

Do you relate to anything on this list...? Let us know!

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