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Chef La T Goes After Bobby Flay For Not Being At Elvis’ Wedding

Celebrity chef, restaurateur, and reality television personality: Bobby Flay stopped by the Elvis Duran Morning Show Friday, September 27th finally after not showing up to his job here for over a YEAR! Here celebrating the release of his new book, Bobby At Home, Flay was bombarded by Chef La T, who also happened to release a new cook book as well.

That's not the only thing Chef La T came in hot with.... After not seeing Flay at Elvis Duran's wedding to Alex Carr a few weeks ago, La T told Flay that Guy Fieri was there (he was not) and that it was a "shame" Flay wasn't invited (he was). The feud only gets worse when La T ruins the punch lines of all of his jokes!

Watch the strange/hilarious feud below and be sure to check out Bobby Flay's book, Bobby At Home. The book shares his bold style of cooking with 165+ recipes and offers advice to home cooks looking to try something new.