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Woman Was Banned From Every NFL Stadium Forever

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Producer Sam was out at the longest bachelorette party EVER over the weekend (Thursday to Monday) when her friends got kicked out of the club. After following that with a story about our own Uncle Johnny being kicked out of an ENTIRE COUNTRY, Elvis Duran decided to take this topic to our listeners to ask them what's the craziest place they've ever been kicked out of.

We had a call from a girl whose 85-year-old grandmother was kicked out of a senior citizen home for getting into a fight with another woman trying to steal her man on the dance floor. Another listener called saying he got kicked out of The Vatican for taking photos of the Sistine Chapel... And the craziest story came from Ashley who was kicked out of every NFL Stadium ever.

So, originally this happened when I lived in Buffalo. So, I'm sure when you see all the Buffalo tailgating, you can probably only imagine- they go a little overboard. I was guilty of that one year- going a bit overboard in the drinking department, and I definitely shouldn't have been allowed in the stadium to begin with. But I got through. Once I was there, all of a sudden, someone who didn't like me was trying to tell security that I was trying to start a fight, when I am not a violent person at all. I love people when I'm drunk, I don't know where that came from. [Security] dragged me out. They took my I.D., they took down all of my information, they gave me a card and said. "if you are ever caught in an NFL stadium in the country again, you are arrested." I've gone back plenty of times [to a game] but I just don't carry my own personal I.D. I make other people go up and buy my drink, and buy my ticket, and all this other stuff...

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