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Greg T Gets Egged In A Game Of Egg Roulette

Today on the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Eggsy the Chicken stopped by for a visit.

Greg T. dressed up as Eggsy to play a game of Egg Roulette with twelve callers. Each caller was given an egg number and when they would call the egg number, it could either be hard-boiled or raw. The catch? There is only one raw egg and eleven hard-boiled. If the egg number that gets picked is the raw egg and drips all over Eggsy’s head, then that egg and the caller is the winner! The winner wins an Elvis Duran and the Morning Show T-Shirt and a Slow Cooker from our friends at De'Longhi.

Danielle and Gandhi were in charge of hitting the egg on Eggsy’s head. The eggs were all hard-boiled until it reached Egg Number 8: Stephanie’s egg. Egg Number 8 spilled all over Eggsy. According to Greg T., Eggsy had a great time even though the same part of his head kept getting slammed by eggs!