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Danielle Bets Greg T. That No Listener Has Made Out With A Jonas Brother

Greg T's topic train, please call in! Today on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show we had 4 topics that we were bound to get calls in for, and 1 not so much....

Today's topic were:

  1. Have you ever fallen backwards on a chair?
  2. Why is your boyfriend stupid?
  3. Did you just meet your significant other's parents?
  4. Which celebrity do you think has the worst farts?
  5. Have you ever hooked up with a Jonas Brother?

Bet you can guess which one Danielle Monaro places a bet on! Danielle bet Greg T. ten dollars that no one would call in saying they hooked up with a Jonas Brother. There's Kevin, Nick, Joe and of course Greg T. said he would include their younger brother Frankie into the topic. Did Greg T. win the bet? SPOILER ALERT.. he DID! Watch above to see the entire topic train unfold including which celebrities the show thinks farts the most and more!