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Greg T. Ranks Best And Worst Moments From Elvis Duran's Wedding

Over the weekend, Elvis Duran married Alex Carr in a beautiful ceremony in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Colorful flowers and decorations were everywhere, the food was amazing, and there were even little gifts for everyone to take home with them. What are the complaints? Here is a list of the best and worst moments of the wedding according to Greg T.

  1. There was a lovely sand ceremony, but everyone was too drunk to get the sand in a little bottle.
  2. Gorgeous hotel, but the pool only fits 12 people.
  3. The food was delicious, but there was NO BREAD at my table.
  4. Uncle Johnny's singing was awesome, but I've heard him sing the same song a thousand times!
  5. So many free giveaways, but people took too much and there wasn't enough goodies for everyone.
  6. The decorations and flowers were amazing, but with everything in there it made the room SO HOT!
  7. It was really cool that Elvis and Alex gave away a car, but couldn't they get a range-rover instead of a mini cooper?
  8. The band was great, but there was TOO MANY PEOPLE on the dance floor.
  9. It was so beautiful watching Elvis walk down the aisle, but Froggy had to so it all alone and only found out minutes before the ceremony.
  10. Skeery and I took some of our co-workers out to dinner and split the bill between the two of us, but Brody didn't even offer to buy me a drink at any point throughout the weekend.

That's just the top 10 best and worst moments from the wedding. You can hear more of our favorite and least favorite moments below!