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Skeery Looks Like He Has A Rack In Photo At Family Dinner

This weekend we are in Santa Fe, New Mexico for Elvis and Alex's wedding and it has been such a wonderful time already! Wednesday night, when majority of the show arrived, we all went out to dinner to celebrate. During out quick steak dinner (thanks again for that Nate) we decided to take a photo to commemorate the moment. After posting the photo on the Elvis Duran Show Instagram account we realized something strange going on in Skeery's chest area....

If you look closely at the photo above, you can see Skeery has a RACK! One listener commented saying, "I never realized Skeery had such a nice rack." Producer Sam chimed in saying, "It looks like we are having dinner with Mrs. Doubtfire. “HHEEELLLLOOOOOO!!!”"

What a great photo to kick off our wedding weekend right?!