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5SOS Performs Acoustic Version Of 'Easier' For The First Time

5SOS is taking their new single Easier to another level with an acoustic version. The Australian band are playing an acoustic version of the song for the first time on the Elvis Duran Show. "Is it easier to stay? Is it easier to go? I don't wanna know..," band member Luke says into the mic. Fans are saying, Easier sees 5SOS bringing their music in a new and exciting direction, and we can't wait to hear more!

After performing the acoustic version of Easier on the Elvis Duran Show Tuesday, June 4th, one listener posted, "The acoustic version of easier blew my mind." Watch 5SOS's first acoustic performance of the song Easier below!

This is the seventh time 5SOS has been on the Elvis Duran Show. The band's songs have always been played on the show. Elvis Duran even announced their song Youngblood, is impossible to get tired of on the radio. You can watch them perform Youngblood, below!