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Bazzi Wrote For K-Pop Groups At The Start Of His Music Career

After traveling from Australia and then performing at New York's Gov Ball Sunday June 2nd, Bazzi was in at the Elvis Duran Show Monday morning to talk all about his start in the music industry. Turns out, his success in the industry is thanks to K-Pop!

The 21-year-old surprised us all today when he told Elvis Duran he has a K-Pop background. Groups like BTS, NCT-127, Monsta X and more are taking over the U.S. with fandoms we have never seen before. It turns out Bazzi used to write songs for K-Pop groups before making it on his own as a singer. "You write it in English and then they have really talented writers that convey your message translated into Korean perfectly," says Bazzi on the Elvis Duran Show. "Korea was actually the first time I had success in the music industry. It definitely changed my life," Bazzi continues saying, "It opened me up to new friends and a different idea of what to do with music. It’s like a second home to me."

You can watch Bazzi's full interview with Elvis Duran above and be sure to check out his song Paradise out now!