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Garrett's Son Just Made The Cutest 'Sour Face' After Trying New Candy

Garrett's Son Hudson from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

Babies are the absolute cutest when they try lemons for the first time, almost always reacting with squishy bug-eyed sour faces! Toddlers are a little bit smarter. They can't be so easily corraled into sucking on the sour fruit, but give them candy? Piece of cake! 

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show producer Garrett (the man behind your daily 'sound' bites) just gave his adorable 3-year-old son, Hudson, Sour Patch Kids for the first time and his reaction is hilarious. He looks confused at first and then delighted after the initial shock of sour sugar wears away and the tangy sweetness sets in. 

"Do you like them?" Garrett asked from behind the camera. Hudson excitedly nods and goes in for another!

Check out the video below:

WATCH: Baby Loves Lemon  - Thumbnail Image

WATCH: Baby Loves Lemon