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Will It Work? Egg Sitter | Elvis Duran Exclusive

Do you have a bad back? Haven't you ever wanted to sit on eggs without them cracking? Eggs are fragile, even a toddler could break them by sitting on them. A painful back needs relief!

 Now you can kill two birds with one stone! The Bullhead Egg Sitter is a flex cushion that supports your backside and back. It collapses in itself and absorbs pressure points allowing you to sit on an egg. All you have to do is stick the cushion on top of a chair an sit down to get relief. 

So the question is: do Egg Sitters really work? Jake and Garrett put them to the test on the latest episode of Will It Work? 

Jake and Garrett took on the Egg Sitter and to put it to the test. They were both definitely skeptical - Jake even worried that he would have to walk around with egg covered pants for the rest of the day. They started out with one egg and they sat on them. They went on to more and more eggs and by the time they were done, they had an entire carton of eggs underneath them. None of the eggs broke! 

It's always fun to watch Jake and Garrett freak out a little bit. However, the egg sitter worked! The cushion is comfortable and does not let the eggs break! Maybe the next product Jake and Garrett try on Will It Work? will work just as well.