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Woman Will Only Date Men Who Have This Name

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When it comes to finding someone to date, most people have at least a few requirements like a sense of humor, a good job or a charming smile, but one woman has a strange condition on her list of must-haves - any guy she dates needs to be named Alex.

Her name is Elle Winter and she shared on TikTok how she will only date men named Alex. In the video, Elle says, "I'm going to sound crazy but I need to share this with you all as I know it will help someone. I only date boys with the name Alex and I promise it is the best dating hack you will ever find."

She goes on to explain how when she was 17, she first dated an Alex but after they broke up, she was heartbroken, becoming upset at the mere mention of the name. She adds, "But a few months later, I coincidentally started going on a few dates with this boy named Alex. And then suddenly I was dating another Alex." In dating other men named Alex, she was able to reclaim the name and no longer be sad when she heard it. Best of all, it was easy for her family to remember the name of the guys she is seeing.

Elle went on, "And then when Alex number two and I broke up, I started going on dating apps and I thought I should continue this trend of only dating boys named Alex. I didn't have to come up with elaborate nicknames for these boys for my friends, it was just Alex."

To keep track of the different Alexes, she just numbers them based on when she dated them. So there is Alex One, Alex Two, Alex Three and so on.

Commenters were mixed on the hack, with many people strangely saying that they too only date Alexes, while others claim to only date people with other names. One person did warn Elle saying, "Imagine your soulmate has another name and you don't give him the chance," while another joked, "What if everyone only dates Alexes and then all of them are taken and there are none left for you."

You can see more from Elle by following her on TikTok.