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Mom-To-Be Slammed For Wanting To Name Baby After 'Hookup App'

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When it comes to naming a baby, most parents don't want to pick anything that might lead to bullying or teasing, like one that has some other meaning, but many also don't want a name that is too common. Well one expectant mother has chosen a name that she is happy with but others, including her husband, feel she should rethink it. That's because the name she's chosen is inspired by the app where she met her child's father - Tinder.

The woman, who is seven months pregnant, shared her story on Facebook, and it was then picked up by Reddit. In her post, she explains that she found her "true love a little over one year ago" through the app and she wants to pay tribute to it by naming her daughter Tinderleigh. She stated, "The site helped me find my true love, and I think the name is perfect."

She might be alone in that belief. She added, "My husband thinks it's embarrassing and doesn't want people to know where we met," noting how she is "a little hurt that he is embarrassed by the way we came together in this world." She asked commenters, "How can I convince him how special this name is to me?"

She probably was not thrilled with the responses. One wrote, "We don't know if the husband is embarrassed about how they met, only that he finds the name Tinderleigh embarrassing. It's the wife who is interpreting that to mean he is embarrassed about how they met and then presenting it as his actual position. Very common communication mistake and one of the reasons you should never rely on one side's account." Someone else chimed in, "It's not embarrassing to have met on Tinder but it is embarrassing to name your daughter after a hookup app. Better off naming her Wednesday or Saturday or whatever day your first date was. Or name her after the first flower he gave you. Literally anything is better than this." Another stated, "It's not embarrassing to have met on Tinder but it is embarrassing to name your daughter after a hookup app."

Others just responded with jokes, writing things like, "My partner and I met on an app when I needed help with regular rides to work. Guess we should have named our newborn NextDoor," to which another commenter then wrote "...leigh." Another replied, "My husband and I met at work, so I guess we should be naming our kid Workleigh?" and a third continued the trend saying, "We are old fashioned and met in an office so maybe we could use Cubicleleigh?"

No word on if the woman decided to keep Tinderleigh or not.