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Man Forgets Wife At Rest Stop, Drives 100 Miles Before Realizing It

Photo: Getty Images

Traveling can be stressful. It can be easy to forget something and not notice it for some time - you might neglect to bring a toothbrush and only realize it when you go to the bathroom for some oral hygiene, or perhaps you left your phone charger at home. Well one man wound up driving 100 miles before figuring out he forgot something pretty important after a stopping at a rest stop - his wife.

It happened in Thailand last week when 55-year-old Boontom Chaimoon and his wife, 49-year-old Amnuay, decided to drive through the night to Amnuay's hometown for the holidays. At one point, Boontom needed to relieve himself, so he pulled over to do so. As he took care of his business, Amnuay decided she should use the bathroom as well and dashed off behind some trees to do so. When she finished and went back to the car, it was gone.

Her money and phone were in the car so she was left stranded in the dark and her only option was to walk. Amnuay had to go 13 miles before finding a police station at 5 a.m. There, she asked the police to help her find Boontom, but she couldn't remember his phone number and authorities couldn't locate him. Eventually, they were able to get his number and call him, but as Boontom drove on, he didn't notice the many calls coming into his phone.

After he drove 100 miles, he finally realized that Amnuay wasn't sleeping in the back seat as he had thought she was the whole time, so he turned around and raced back to find her. Fortunately, they were reunited but it might have put a bit of a strain on the pair's 27-year marriage.