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Terrifying Video Shows Slingshot Ride Cable Snap As It Rockets Into The Sky

Photo: Getty Images

Each year around the holidays, London's Hyde Park opens their Winter Wonderland, which hosts festive markets, live shows, bars and restaurants, plus over 100 rides and attractions. It's usually a fun and memorable experience for anyone who attends, and for a pair of guests it was definitely memorable but only because of their terrifying experience there. The two attendees chose to get on the enormous slingshot ride there and as it rocketed into the sky, one of the cables on it broke.

After the cable snapped, the yellow pod crashed into one of the ride's support beams, leaving the riders stuck hanging inside.

As is often the case, it was all caught on camera and shared socially.

***This video contains strong language****

Video of the aftermath shows how the pod with the riders in it was left dangling for some time.

Per the Daily Mail, a spokesperson for Winter Wonderland said, "We can confirm that a technical issue involving the reverse bungee occurred on Wednesday evening. Both riders were safely escorted off the ride, checked by our on-site medics and were not injured. Safety is our highest priority and the ride is closed while further investigation takes place. All of our rides undergo rigorous and regular safety checks by experienced members of staff trained in health and safety. We also provide regular training for all staff to ensure our visitors can enjoy a fun and safe experience. All other attractions at Winter Wonderland are operating as normal."