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Eerie Video Shows Boy Disappear From Carnival Ride

Carnivals are a place for fun and memories, but a recent fair left one mom with a very strange experience she will never forget. The mother, Nur Afrina Rosni from Malaysia, was filming her five-year-old son Muiz and the boy sitting next to him as they gently spun around on a ride. They seem to be enjoying themselves as the car they are in floats around, but on its next orbit, Rosni's son is alone in the car.

She posted the footage to TikTok, writing, "Who is sitting next to Muiz?" adding, "I am not mistaken. They were sitting together. I didn't know the boy next to him. I think the workers seated them together. While I was filming a short video, the car came around a second time and my son was suddenly alone. When the ride finished, my son came down but the boy next to him did not appear anywhere. Muiz said he was sitting with a boy on the ride. When I showed him the video he said he did not know where he went."

Per The Sun, the next day, Rosni asked her son more about what happened and reported back, "It was scary, but my son is okay. However, I'm still left wondering what happened to that boy?"

Commenters think they know. Many suggest the video was edited, others are certain the boy is laying on the seat, and some say that it is the wrong car altogether. But plenty more are certain something supernatural was at play, asserting that it was the right car, there wasn't enough time for the boy to lay down and that the video is legit. As yet, no official explanation has been given.