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Alien Riding In Back Seat Of Car Spotted On Google Earth

Photo: Getty Images

Even people who don't want to be photographed still wind up with their images captured thanks to the satellites in space that get footage for Google Earth. The pictures are tied together to make the app's impressive, interactive 3D map. Plenty of strange things around the planet can be found on it, but recently, something seemingly not from Earth was spotted in an unlikely place on Google Earth - an alien the back seat of a car.

Crystal Patterson was using the app to see where a garage sale would be taking place in Mapleton, Maine, and as she navigated to the address, she noticed something very peculiar in a car driving in the area. It seemed like the driver was naked, so she zoomed in on it to understand what exactly was going on, but it actually only made the scene more confusing. There was an extra-terrestrial being getting driven around in the PT Cruiser.

Photo: Google Earth

Photo: Google Earth

Photo: Google Earth

According to the Daily Star, she posted the picture asking, "Can someone please tell me what I'm looking at in the backseat?" She explained, "The driver looked naked, so I zoomed in because I'm nosy, and thought the distortion of the figure in the back. My first thought was it was an alien."

Commenters were shocked. One wrote, "OMGoodness! How on earth did you spot that?" while another said, "Clearly an alien."

As of now, no one knows exactly what is pictured in the image Crystal found on Google Earth.