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'UFO Crash' Visible On Google Maps On Deserted Island In Pacific Ocean

So often we see stories about UFO sightings - the government is even investigating them, but with so many people witnessing unidentified flying objects, how come there isn't more evidence of the crafts themselves? Surely they crash every now and then. Well one just might have on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean, and it is visible on Google Earth.

TikToker @GoogleMapsFun spotted the scene on Starbuck Island, a small piece of land near French Polynesia. They saw a long streak traversing the length of the island - a strange sight on a place that is abandoned - and it ends with what resembles a saucer-shaped object crashed on the beach.

Unlike a recent rumored UFO crash on Mars, since this one is here on Earth, it is easy to investigate, and it just so happens that National Geographic filmed on Starbuck Island a few years ago when they sent an excursion there. In the video of their time on the island, structures made from stones are visible. That is likely what is seen on Google Earth, with the streaks behind it the paths to the structures. The buildings were erected by guano miners in the mid-1800s, a few years after the island was discovered by whaling ship captain Valentine Starbuck.

The island is now a wildlife sanctuary and a popular breeding location for a variety of species. While no UFO crashed on the island, plenty of ships did crash in the waters around it. One 1897 issue of the Sacramento Daily Union tells of the Bark Seladon, which struck Starbuck Island at a speed of seven knots and soon after because overwhelmed with water. Survivors made it to nearby Sophia Island where natives there tended to them for ten months until a steam ship sailed by and picked them up.