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Invisible Man Caught On Google Maps Running Away

Photo: Google Maps

Google Maps is a great feature that can help you figure out the best route to your destination and in many cases, let you see exactly what that destination looks like thanks to Street View, which provides photographs of millions of miles of roadways. With that many pictures though, some are bound to be interesting. Pics have been found that show a disturbing clown with a blood-covered knife, a man cheating on his wife, and even an alien. Now, there is a series of photos that show something even stranger - an invisible man who runs away when he realizes he's being photographed.

It all goes down at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and starts at the intersection of 5th Street and Market Street. There, what looks like a man in white coveralls crouches in the middle of the road. If you navigate down Market Street, in the next picture, he is taking off, running away, but his hands, feet and head are invisible. In subsequent photos, he turns back, raises his arms in the air as if to give up, but then takes off again.

It gets weirder still. Farther down Market Street, he continues to run but then seemingly turns into a bird that has no head. It flies down the street and with each picture slowly disappears until it vanishes.

While it looks like this was all captured by one of Google's Street View camera cars, if you look closely, the pictures were actually user submitted by someone calling themselves Loosii Ninjaś, and it's not his first time surprising people with Street View. Last year, he made headlines with other pictures at the Brooklyn Navy Yard which show him wearing the same white jumpsuit, doing tricks on a motorcycle and playing with an office chair.

You can keep up to date with his hijinks here.