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Dog Owner Gives Puppy Hilarious Name, Gets Slammed Over It

Naming a pet is actually a little bit more challenging than naming a baby. For one thing, there are many more options for pet names. When it comes to animals, you can give them the same type of name you might a human, like Lucy or Sam, but you can also name them things that you probably wouldn't call a person, like Spot or Fido. On top of that, pet names are probably heard more than human names since owners are often calling for their fur babies, shouting their names out loud in public.

With all that, careful consideration should go into what one might call their pet. In the past, pet owners have gotten in trouble over the names they chose, which either put them in embarrassing situations, created dangerous issues, or got them accused of being offensive. Now, a dog owner's name choice has some people laughing but others fuming.

He wrote about his story on Reddit, explaining how he recently got a Labrador puppy that he named Woof. He thinks the name is "hilarious" and while others find it "silly," his mom abhors it. His mother previously helped out with his pets, walking his other dogs, but, according to the dog owner, his mom "can't fathom ever walking Woof because she would get embarrassed calling my dog's name in public."

He added, "I guess that's just my own sense of humor because I laugh when I call my dog's name out loud at a dog park. I told my mother she doesn't have to walk him if she doesn't want to... I said to her the idea of her having an exchange like 'Woof! Come here! No! Woof! Woof! WOOF! Ugh, Woof! Come here Woof! NO GET DOWN WOOF! WOOF!' just makes me curl up."

He stated that he doesn't need his mom to walk the pup, that he and his girlfriend have lots of time to do it, but asked others if he was a jerk for giving the dog the name Woof. Most people responded saying that it is his pet and he gets to choose the name. Many also agreed that it was funny, with some even calling it "brilliant," though others felt it wasn't nearly as funny as the dog owner thinks it is, and a few did agree with his mom.