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Dog Only Responds To Embarrassing Nickname, Owner Is Mortified

Photo: Getty Images

Even though pets all have names, many owners choose to call their animals by a nickname. The nickname might have something to do with the creature's actual name or just a term of endearment, but it is usually cute-sounding and/or fun to say. Well one pet owner jokingly gave their dog an embarrassing nickname but now, that's all the pooch responds to. Normally this probably wouldn't be such a big deal, but the name is "Poopy Pants."

The owner explained their plight on Reddit, saying, "My dog's name is Molly, but for some odd reason when I was younger I used to address her as 'my little poopy pants' and the name stuck. I don't even know where that came from, perhaps she had just soiled the carpet at the time. It's been a while. She's 10 now." The woman added, "She now thinks her name is 'Poopy Pants,' and only obeys commands if you use that term. If she runs off outside and I want to retrieve her, I have to open the door and yell 'POOPY PANTS! COME HERE!'"

She noted, "This is going to be great for my reputation when I go for a new job, I'm sure. LOL. 'Oh look! It's the weird woman who named her dog Poopy Pants!'"

The woman said there is a way to gradually teach a dog a new name by saying the new one right after the old one, but lamented, "This is odd though because most of the time I do say Molly, but Poopy Pants seems to stick in her head more."

It turns out the woman isn't alone in her predicament either. Commenters sympathized with her, writing things like, "I feel your pain. My one dog will answer to 'Fattie,' the other to 'turd-turd,'" and, "My dog's name is Buddy, but he only answers to 'Butthead.' Probably shouldn't have called him that when he was little and doing silly puppy things."

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