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Kid With Name Like Something In A Bathroom Gets Teased, Parents Shocked

When it comes to figuring out what to call a baby, there are thousands of names to choose from, but even the most common ones can be subject to ridicule when the child reaches school. Kids can be pretty creative when it comes to making fun of others, so no name is truly safe, but there are definitely some names that are more likely to be the target of teasing. One name that it seems so obvious would cause torment was picked by a set of parents who somehow were caught off-guard years later when their son went to school. A friend of theirs explained what happened on Quora.

They wrote how the name, Uriel, might seem somewhat harmless, after all, they said, "Uriel is one of the archangels. Archangels are the head honcho angels, so Uriel is on the same angelic pay grade as Michael, Gabriel and Raphael." The parents liked the name since it was "unique but short," "easy to pronounce and spell," and is overall "a pretty cool name." They really wanted to avoid a name that would be mocked and felt their son had a good chance of not getting bullied because of Uriel.

Somehow, though, they overlooked how similar his name is to the word "urinal," which is exactly what kids called him. They would say things like, "Hey, Urinal! Can I borrow you for a minute? I have to pee!" and, "Hey, look! Urinal is using the urinal!"

No word on if the boy started going by Uri, changed his name altogether, or just stuck with Uriel and ignored the constant teasing.