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Mom Gives Triplet Girls Same Name - The One She Had For The Son She Wanted

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When expecting a baby, the best thing parents-to-be can do is just hope for a healthy baby and not have a preference on gender. If you decide you really want a boy or a girl, you could wind up disappointed, which isn't the best way to start a child's life. However, one mom was so intent on having a son that she didn't even bother coming up with a name if she had a daughter. Of course, fate had its way and not only did the mother give birth to a baby girl, she gave birth to three of them - triplets, but she didn't let the name she picked out go to waste.

The daughter of a nurse from a labor and delivery ward of a hospital shared the story on Quora, explaining how the new mom-of-three really wanted a boy to name Robert. When a boy didn't happen, she still named one of her girls Robert and called the other two Larobert and Sharobert.

Commenters felt bad for the babies and also added their own stories. One said her father-in-law was named Lloyd and his siblings were Floyd and Cloyd. They also knew of twins named Maisie and Haisie. Another commenter said, "I worked with a girl named Janet who had a twin named Janice. I thought it was somewhat unimaginative but she didn't get it."

At least the mom of triplets knew what she is doing, as opposed to a mother who named her daughter Kevin and didn't understand why her little girl might be bullied.