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If You See A Napkin In Your Car's Door Handle, Call The Police Immediately

Photo: Dave Basner

Most drivers have returned to their car after a shopping trip or a meal out to find something on it like an advertisement under the wipers, but there are other items that if you see on your vehicle, you could actually be in danger. Spotting a water bottle, cash, or even a piece of cheese on your car might mean you are the target of a nefarious plan and now, one victim is warning others about another item to watch out for - a napkin.

Erin Mims, of Texas, shared the terrifying experience she had after returning to her car following a meal with her husband on her birthday at a local restaurant. She noticed a napkin shoved into her door handle and, although she is typically a germaphobe, the margarita she had with her meal loosened her up and she figured her spouse put the napkin there as a joke so she tossed it aside with her fingertips and opened the car door.

Inside the vehicle, she asked her husband about it and when he had no clue what she was talking about, she returned to the restaurant and washed her hands... but it was too late. Her fingertips started tingling, then her arm, then the limb went numb. She got lightheaded, hot and had trouble breathing. Her husband called 911 and Erin was taken to the hospital where doctors determined her vitals were "not stable." After 6.5 hours, the physician said she had "acute poisoning from an unknown substance." There wasn't enough in her system to figure out what it was, but the tiny bit that was there, either from the napkin or from whatever might have transferred from the napkin to the door handle, clearly took a toll. She stated, "So just imagine if I would've wrapped it with my whole hand, I probably could've been dead."

The doctor suspects the poisoned napkin was part of a kidnapping plot. Erin said, "What started out as a great day turned out to be one of the scariest moments of my life."

While the Houston Police Department say the incident is the first they've heard about like this, someone reached out to Erin to say they were in the same parking lot and saw other cars that had a napkin in their door handles as well, so more people could've been victims.

If you find a napkin in your door handle, it is best to be safe and just call the authorities to check it out.