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If You Find Cash On Your Windshield, Call The Police Immediately

Photo: Dave Basner

Many car thieves choose to commit their crimes late at night, when no one is around to see them, but some are far more brazen and have a different tactic to steal vehicles, and it happens in broad daylight.

The method sees the bad guys putting cash on the windshields of cars they want to take, it might even be a $100 bill - though the bill is usually fake. The thieves will then sit and wait for the driver to return with the hope that the driver gets in the car, starts it, sees the money and, with the vehicle running, gets out to investigate the cash. That's when the thieves swoop in and take the car.

It seems too crazy to be true, but it is happening across the country with reports of it taking place in Maryland, Georgia, Ohio, and Wisconsin. It's occurred so many times in one Georgia town that the sheriff's office put out a warning on Facebook about it.

It's not the only tactic thieves are reportedly using either. Sometimes they'll put a bottle of water by a car's tire or on its hood, and they might even use a slice of cheese. One reason this technique might be gaining popularity is because there is no weapon involved so, if the bad guys are caught, they won't be facing as serious a charge.

If you find cash on your windshield, either lock your doors and drive off, or don't get in your car and just walk away from it, and whatever you do, call the police.