Elvis Duran Tries Drinking Milk With Lasagna

It took everyone by surprise last night when Nate posted a photo of himself eating lasagna with a tall glass of milk. After much debate on the show, Elvis Duran decided to take it upon himself to try it...

After Nate told the show that he ALWAYS eats his pasta dishes with a side of milk, listeners began texting in about how they do the same! A lot of listeners said they do it because milk helps balance out the acidic red sauce. However, our poll on Instagram shows they the majority do think it's weird that he did this. After some googling we found that it is "proven that milk help soothe the burning sensation that dances on your taste buds when you indulge in a spicy dish. Filling up a goblet with a hefty pour of cool milk may be the perfect accompaniment to those slices that pack a little more heat."

Watch above as Elvis tries the Straight Nate speciality: Lasagna made with Rao's Homemade sauce and a side of milk....

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