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Dixie D’Amelio Comments On Rumors Of Future Reality Show

Dixie D'Amelio joined Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Friday morning to talk about her new song Be Happy as well as the future of TikTok and whether her family has a reality show in the works!

"I grew up listening to you, every day before school," Dixie says to Elvis Duran. The social media star is originally from Connecticut although her and her family recently made the move to the west coast, "right now we're located in LA."

When it comes to singing, this wasn't just something Dixie thought to do overnight! "I’m just so amazed and excited looking at everything. I never thought I would be doing this. I grew up singing and enjoyed it so much." As far as her song Be Happy, Dixie admits that the song's lyrics hold truth to her life. "Sometimes I don't want to be happy," is the hook of the song. When it comes to those lyrics Dixie says the song spoke to her right away. "You don’t always have amazing days, but stepping back and knowing you’re not always happy is ok."

Dixie rose to fame from her videos on TikTok, but recently the app has been in the news about possibly getting banned from the United States after multiple countries got rid of the app. On 29 June 2020, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology banned TikTok along with 58 other Chinese apps stating a threat to the sovereignty and security of the country after the military clash in Ladakh. However despite what's going on in the news, Dixie admits she doesn't have a plan if TikTok leaves the states. "I love the platform, [but] I don’t really have a plan and there’s nothing we can do.... it’s out of our control."

There was also recent rumors that Dixie and her family may be filming a reality show. The star who posts many TikToks with her entire family including sister Charli, shares a little info on the rumor, saying she's not opposed to a future in reality TV. "Not yet, but there might be something in the works," Dixie teases on the show, "We kind of always have cameras on us anyways, but I love the idea of people being able to see our personalities from a different point of view rather than our own cameras."

You can listen to Dixie's new song Be Happy now and listen to her full interview with Elvis Duran above!