Teen's Dramatic Weight Loss Makes Her An Instagram Celebrity

High school can be a difficult time for teens, especially if they are the victims of bullying. Josephine Desgrand had it especially bad. At 279 pounds, she easily became the punchline for many of her classmates' jokes. However, rather than shutting herself in, Josie decided to lose the weight. Over a two year period, she dropped a whopping 132 pounds - enough weight so that by prom she could confidently wear a form-fitting dress, and the transformation immediately silenced her bullies.   

Now, Josie has become an inspiration to other victims of bullying, and her Instagram following is exploding as her fans learn more about the teen's low carb diet, as well as her outlook on life. 

Along with some before and after shots, Josie writes about her weight loss, which she doesn't see as a journey, rather a lifestyle change. She explains about her bad days and how she stays positive. She also encourages others who are struggling, and motivates followers with her wise words. 

Josie has even created an online meal planner app to help others lose weight, even revealing her healthy living itinerary so fans can follow in her footsteps. Check out more here

Photo: Instagram/NoLongerFatJosie

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