#TopicTrain: Disney Without Kids, Gym Trainers & Break-Ups

YOU ARE 100% DOING IT: That's it! You are so motivated. Nothing is going to stop you! What are you finally going to do? You are 100% doing it! 

BACK TOGETHER, BROKE UP, BACK TOGETHER: Greg T overheard a conversation between two girls, and one said, "Whatever... you'll be back with him in an hour anyway!" The other girl replied, "No way, we are done for good this time" So, how many times have you and your significant other broken-up and gotten back together.  

THAT WAS AWESOME: What did you do that made you think, "WOW, that was truly awesome!"?

TACO TUESDAY: It's taco Tuesday, but YOU HATE TACOS! Why? What's not to like about tacos? Are you one of the few?

GYM TRAINER: Greg T was at the gym and BAM, a trainer 'picked-up' someone right in front of his eyes. So, he wants to know, are you dating 'the trainer?' How's that going for you?

DISNEY WORLD: Greg T's friend had a business meeting in Disney! He said he had way more fun there WITHOUT THE KIDS! Have you ever been to Disney without the kids? Was it actually better?