Greg T's #TopicTrain: Lyrics, Hot UPS Guys and More!

 TOOTHPICKS: Greg T had a piece of chicken wedged so deeply between his right top molars and he was in need of a toothpick. Finally, when he got one, it was an amazing feeling to get it out. Thank you toothpicks! What did you have stuck that you needed a toothpick?

MISHEARD LYRICS: The Charlie Puth song "Attention" has confusing lyrics. Greg T thought the lyrics said "...I just wanna touch just wanna touch me..." Danielle yelled and laughed at him. She said the correct lyric is " just want attention...blah blah blah." So what song lyrics have you gotten wrong?

DATED THE QB: Ever dated the High School Quarterback? That's got to be stressful. Everyone in the school knows him. Did you guys last? Was it difficult being the girlfriend to the High School QB and where is the High School QB today?

THE UPS GUY: We've all seen it in adult films- Greg T saw one recently and it made him think; this would be a great Topic Train Topic. Who does this? Have you ever slept with the UPS delivery guy or any other delivery guy?

CAR SOUNDS: Greg T is so afraid...his car is making a strange sound. He has no idea what it is and it frightens him. What sound is your car making right now? Do you know what it is?

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