#TopicTrain: Going Commando, Itchy Eczema + More!

HOW WAS YOUR SUMMER: Greg T was thinking today... his summer was just okay. Maybe a 7.5 at best. He was hoping for a 10, but no luck! On a scale of 1-10, how was your summer? Exciting?

WHERE IS YOUR ECZEMA?: Greg T can't stand his Eczema! It's on his forearm and is SO ITCHY!!! Where is your annoying Eczema?

SNOOPY: Snoopy is a dog cartoon character! Snoopy is not a cat. BUT, Greg T knows someone who named their cat Snoopy! WHY?! Do you know someone with a cat that doesn't have a 'cat name?'

GOING COMMANDO: Are you wearing underwear today? If not... why are you going commando?

THE CAPTAIN: Who is the Captain? Captain of the football team, baseball team, dance squad, etc. So if you were a captain in high school/college... how are you doing today? Where is your former captain?

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