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Skeery Jones

Skeery Jones

Skeery has been with Elvis Duran & the Morning Show since its inception in 1996. Full Bio


#292: Skeery Jones Is Falling Down, Falling Down

#292: Skeery is embarrassed by Brody because he couldn't control himself at a VIP Mets event he invited him to; Skeery fell off the stage and ruined Brody's pic with Doc Gooden; Brody got a lot of mileage out of a single popcorn coupon and Skeery got caught reusing the same dusty bottle of wine at BYOB dinners; Is Skeery "owed" an invite to another Mets game after the first one got rained out?; The boys debate when it's ok or not to eat other people's abandoned food after people left an entire box of pastries behind at a restaurant

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