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Michael Bublé And Jason Derulo On Unlikely 'Spicy Margarita' Collaboration

Michael Bublé and Jason Derulo, two artists renowned for their distinct musical styles, have surprised fans with an unexpected collaboration on the track Spicy Margarita. The song, blending Bublé's smooth crooning with Derulo's signature pop and R&B flair, marks a departure from both artists' usual repertoire, yet it's a refreshing fusion that showcases their versatility and willingness to experiment.

During an appearance on the Elvis Duran Show, Bublé and Derulo shed light on their unlikely partnership and the inspiration behind Spicy Margarita. Both artists expressed their excitement about working together and emphasized the importance of pushing boundaries creatively. Later, the artsits chat about experiences with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show and share their BFF name!

Check out the full interview in the video player above!