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How Alex Guarnaschelli & Nutella Are Giving Back To Firefighters Of America

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli recently made a delightful appearance on Elvis Duran and The Morning Show, spreading joy with her Nutella pancakes and heartwarming philanthropy.

Amidst sizzling conversation, she showcased her culinary prowess, crafting tantalizing Nutella pancakes that had listeners' mouths watering. But there was more to the segment than just culinary delights; Guarnaschelli also highlighted the importance of giving back, incorporating Nutella into her philanthropic efforts. Nutella is seeking to shine a light on those who spread positivity in their local communities with “Stacks for Giving Back.” Through this program, Nutella has partnered with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), the leading association representing the nation’s volunteer fire and emergency services, to award $25,000 in fire department grants. In addition, consumers can nominate fire departments for a chance to receive a kit to help pull off their next pancake breakfast fundraiser. You can nominate your local fire department for Nutella Stacks For Giving Back here.

Check out the full interview in the video player above!