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Barbara Corcoran Discusses Women's Success in Business Leadership

In celebration of International Women's Day, Barbara Corcoran, the renowned entrepreneur and star of Shark Tank, joined Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to share insights on women's success in business. 

Corcoran, a trailblazer in the real estate industry, emphasized the importance of confidence, resilience, and authenticity in achieving one's goals. Drawing from her own experiences, she highlighted the unique strengths that women bring to the business world, including intuition and empathy.

Corcoran encouraged women to embrace risk-taking and to see failure as an opportunity for growth. She emphasized the importance of mentorship and collaboration, urging women to support and uplift one another in their professional endeavors. Corcoran inspired women worldwide to pursue their ambitions with determination and to break barriers in the business world. Her message served as a powerful reminder of the limitless potential of women in business on this International Women's Day.

Watch the full interview in the video player above.